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What is your fee structure?

Morrow’s standard fee is one-third of the candidate’s first-year compensation package. A retainer, of one-third of the estimated fee, is paid up front to initiate the search process; the final two-thirds are due when the hired candidate begins employment.

What is the difference between “retained” and “contingency” executive search?

In a “retained” search, a company contracts with or “hires” a search firm to focus efforts on finding a person for a specific position within their organization. A retained search requires a very focused effort, whereby the structure and environment of the client company are discussed and understood to ensure that both the candidate’s and the client’s long-term goals complement each other. Retained search receives the highest priority, best focus and optimum results.


In a “contingency” search, a company pays a fee only if an individual is placed. Because there are no retainer monies or agreements between the search firm and the company, the assignment is not considered a priority.


Although we prefer (and it’s in the clients best interest) to work on a retained basis, we occasionally accept contingency searches if done on an exclusive arrangement.

What services can I expect from Morrow & Associates?

Candidate Reach

Through our combined 60 years of experience, we have developed a strong network of contacts within the construction, real estate development and facilities management industries. Additionally, we have an extensive database that tracks the careers of over 120,000 candidates.

Detailed Resumes

We develop resumes containing information on each candidate’s background and provide detailed comments to give insight into the individual’s motivations, capabilities, interests and concerns.



We perform extensive references on highly qualified candidates. Facilitation of the Interview Process. We assist you in conducting effective interviews, coordinate interviews, obtain client/candidate feedback and assist in compensation negotiations.



We follow up with both the client and candidate to ensure a smooth transition.

Why use Morrow & Associates?

  • We save you time.

  • You are assured of seeing the best available candidates.

  • National experience utilizing a time-tested process.

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