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At John Morrow & Associates, we have more than 90 years of combined experience helping candidates in the real estate and construction industries identify opportunities with many of the nation’s top developers, owners, investors, fund managers and 3rd party providers. We pride ourselves on the fact that we’ve placed thousands of candidates with several of the industry’s most respected firms. Many of these employees can still be found enjoying successful careers where we’ve placed them.

Not only have we placed thousands of candidates in the real estate and construction industries, but we’ve acted as confidential career advisors to thousands more. We will keep you informed about various opportunities without jeopardizing your current employment situation. When you reach out to a recruiter at Morrow & Associates, or submit your resume to us, we keep your information strictly confidential.  The ONLY time your information is released to a client is after we've received your approval.

Below you will find numerous resources that you might consider helpful. If you would like to be kept updated on new positions we are working on in your market, please submit your resume and your information will be added to our database. Also, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn where many of our active searches are posted.


"Lindsey is a very talented recruiter with exceptional communication skills. In her role as an Executive Real Estate Recruiter, she has made job transitions seamless in aligning company growth objectives to potential candidate's backgrounds. Lindsey possesses an innate ability to thoroughly and warmly communicate on behalf of her clients. It was a pleasure working with her and Morrow & Associates"

- KATELYN PANG, Director - Airwavz Solutions Inc.

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