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Can you help find me a job?

Yes. So that we are able to keep you posted on the right type of opportunities, in your market, please send us your resume – Submit Resume. Your information is kept confidential within our firm. If we’re actively recruiting on a search that fits your background we’ll contact you immediately, otherwise, we’ll put you into our database and make you aware of future opportunities as they arise, via email.

Is there any cost to me?

No. All fees are paid by the hiring company.

As a candidate, how will I benefit from working with Morrow & Associates?

  • Genuine interest in exploring your career and personal objectives

  • Notification of opportunities that are undisclosed to the public, as the majority of our searches are exclusive assignments

  • Full preparation for your interview

  • Guidelines and tips for the interviewing process

  • Feedback and debriefing after the interview

  • Objective consulting regarding compensation

  • Support after the placement to ensure a smooth transition

  • Assistance with relocation issues and concerns


What happens with my information when I send a resume?

It is reviewed by one of our research analysts and added into our confidential database.  At that time, our executive recruiters are notified of your resume and you will receive an email within 2-3 business days, from one of our recruiters, notifying you that we received your information and that it has been reviewed.  We maintain a detailed database of candidates within the real estate and construction industries. Your resume, along with information that we obtain during an initial phone call, including: interests, motivations, goals, experience and education is also stored here. Only our recruiters have access to this information. When a client retains us to fill a position, we initially search our database for qualified candidates and contact those individuals.

I am a potential candidate for a position with one of Morrow & Associates’ clients. What can I expect throughout the search process?

Once we determine mutual interest, the next step is the interview process. Our search consultant will discuss in detail our client’s business, its growth initiatives, corporate culture and specifics about the position. We will coordinate the interview between you and our client.

After your interview, we will follow up to discuss your initial reaction and interest level. We will also speak with our client about their thoughts from the meeting and share their feedback. We remain in regular contact with you to keep you abreast of any changes or developments.

If you are chosen by our client for the position, we will remain involved in compensation negotiations and act as a liaison until a final offer is made and employment begins. After you have begun employment, Morrow & Associates maintains frequent communication – not just to ensure a smooth transition initially – but also to make certain that our client’s and your objectives continue to be achieved.

What positions do you typically fill?

Morrow & Associates focuses on mid to senior level real estate and construction related positions (ie. Property/Asset Management, Leasing, Acquisition, Finance, Construction & Development).

What if I don’t have a resume?

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